Welcome to Krung Siam Online Ordering is available from noon till midnight
After midnight please contact at 1.702.735.9485

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-Distinctive Thai Food-
-Full Bar and Beverages-
-Great for Hanging out-
-Service by Heart :)-

"Homey spot where the basic Thai menu is backed by regular live music, karaoke, beer & wine."


Delivery Time: 30-60 Minutes
Delivery Range: 5 Miles
Minimum Order: $15.00


CONSUMER ADVISORY: Note: Raw or undercooked ingredients may increase the risk of foodborne illness. Many of our menu items contain variety of nuts, herbs and shellfish. Some ingredients may not be listed as part of the menu description. If you have a known food allergy, please inform your server prior to ordering.

Business Hours

Monday 11.30am - 06.00am
Tuesday 11.30am - 06.00am
Wednesday 11.30am - 06.00am
Thursday 11.30am - 06.00am
Friday 11.30am - 06.00am
Saturday 11.30am - 06.00am
Sunday 11.30am - 06.00am